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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 14, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news on this tuesday morning. >> gloves come off. they pummel the president in the first debate with one making a career-changing announcement. >> where's weiner? he's having new calls to resign as the president weighs in. chemicals found on and even in the most popular fruits and vegetables even after you wash them. how to get the pesticides out? good morning. the republican slate of presidential candidates met face to face in new hampshire where polls open in seven months. >> but their target was not the
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gop front-runner, it was actually the president. john hendren joins us live from washington with the highlights. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, peggy. this was the first high stakes debate and had its big moments. a big agreement to focus all their attacks on just one candidate. seven republicans faced each other but it was fired at one candidate not in the room. >> any one of the people on the stage would be a better president than president obama. >> the failure of leadership -- >> his way failed. >> this president has failed. >> reporter: president obama making stops in miami and north carolina defended his record as a tale of historic progress. >> we stabilized the economy, we prevented a financial meltdown, an economy that was shrinking is now growing. >> reporter: michele bachmann made the myers headline. >> i filed today my paperwork to seek the office of the presidency of the united states. >> reporter: former minnesota governor tim pawlenty who coined
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the phrase abomb ma care was for less aggressive. >> o bombny care. >> reporter: romney attacked the plan he supposedly inspired. >> if i'm elected i will repeal obama care and on my first day in office i will grant a waiver to all 00 states. >> reporter: the difference between his plan and the president's is one he'll likely be asked to explain again and again as the campaign goes on. one candidate who wasn't there but who is likely to join the race in the coming weeks was jon huntsman and briefly president obama's ambassador to china. >> mitt romney is the front run ever so far. the others gave him a pass for now. >> reporter: he didn't take a single shot. he had to be asked to explain
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twice his comments about obombny care saying all would make a better president than president obama but it's early in the campaign and probably no one wants to be seen as negative but as that campaign wears on and field narrows those hits are likely to come dpas and furious, daniel. >> always to be expected in the political season. john hendren in washington, thank you so much. coming up on "good morning america," we will talk to the newest candidate, michele bachmann. live from new hampshire. well, president obama was also on the defensive when it came to job creation. hours before getting hammered by the republicans on that issue, the president was in north carolina meeting with his job advisory counsel. details from our sharyn alfonsi. >> reporter: it was on streamlining permitting and easing visa restrictions to boost jobs like tourism and facilitating lending to small
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businesses. but we asked a panel of the nation's top economists to weigh in. could this work? 5 of 6 of them thought the concepts were good and could create jobs but cautioning they'd have little impact in the near term. others thought it all sounded familiar. most of this is right out of the sim lust bill which didn't do much. there were 2.9 million job openings in april. retail organizations adding 37,000 job openings this year. amazon alone adding 17,000. manufacturing, 53,000, ford hiring 7,000. we also wondered where are the companies that are doing all this hiring located? well, turns out the northeast hired the fewest number of new employees last year, the south, the most. almost twice as many as the northeast. sharyn alfonsi, abc news, new york. the other big political story, will new york congressman weiner resign? he was granted a two-week leave of absence to get treatment at
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an undisclosed location. it's only being increased. nancy pelosi saying it's in weiner's best interest to leave congress and president obama tells nbc weiner needs to go. >> ultimately there's going to be a decision for him and his constituents. i can tell you if it was me, i would resign. >> now, the president also called weiner's conduct highly inappropriate. house democrats meet this morning on capitol hill with weiner at the top of the agenda. more than half of the cash flown into iraq is still unaccounted for and now congress is trying to track it down. according to the "l.a. times" 6$6.6 billion is missing and ma have been stoling, part of a $12 billion cash plan air lifted into iraq. it belonged to iraq and the u.s. may have to pay it back. monster wildlife in arizona is on the verge of being its biggest fire ever and 18% is contained. they're worried about it spreading to neighboring new
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mexico. flames have been spotted two miles from luna. a new nightmare on the other side of new mexico. crews fighting this wildlife burning on the colorado border. the track fire doubled in size within hours yesterday. it forced the closure of interstate 25 and destroyed at least two homes. one resident said it looked like a big old bomb went off. it was a close call in the atlanta area after a truck plunged into a pool filled with swimmers. police say that the driver apparently went to a diabetic coma and lost control of the truck. seven kids and five adults were in the pool at the time but fortunately no one was hurt. we can understand though why some were in the pool. awfully hot. trying to stay cool. >> got to be a better way. taking a look at the weather right now, see how it will be. gusty winds, large hail, maybe a chance of tornadoes from oklahoma city to nashville and atlanta. stormy but not as severe from the dakotas to indianapolis. cooler with showers from d.c. to boston and also in florida. a few sprichgles around seattle
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and montana. more extreme heat to west texas. >> 90 in dallas, a mild 68 here in new york and 77 in baltimore. mostly 70s from fargo to detroit. 64 in seattle and 77 in boise. sacramento, 92. just when you got used to the ipad 2, we're getting word that the ipad 3 is on its way already. >> is it facebook fatigue? the social media giant loses users here in the u.s. how about this? an airbus unveils its few riggs tick flying machine as an airliner you can see through. all of wonder woman. would you want to watch the ground from 30,000 feet?
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economists say what the economy needs most is just time. most of those surveyed feel there is no need for the fed to make any more moves to stimulate growth and expect the unemployment rate to improve slightly by the end of the year. a new survey by manpower say jobs should increase in the third. announcements of several corporate deals helped markets make gains. the dow gained 1 point yesterday. the nasdaq index lost 4. tokyo's nikkei average was up almost 150. the hang seng is in posterity and in london the ftse opened higher. those extra baggage fees that the airlines are charging
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could be the difference between profit and loss. they collected $3.4 billion for checked bags. the estimated combined profit of 2.6 billion. the airlines also collected another $2.3 billion in reservation change fees. the ipad 3 could be coming out later this year. taiwan's daily says a release in the fourth quarter and it could have resolution five or six times higher than the ipad 2. a rollout next year is more likely, some say. is the bloom off the facebook rose? they found they lost 6 million u.s. members last month. overall facebook is still gaining users closing in on 700 million. but mostly from countries where facebook is still fairly new. and airbus is showing what the plane future might look like. taking a cue from wonder woman it has a transparent cabin that gives passengers panoramic views and replaces zones for
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socializing or work. there will be a graphic gaming display and entertainment on the plane. airbus says this could be an everyday service in about 40 years. hard to imagine what the fees will be for air travel in 40 years. >> can you imagine? i'm not all that interested in seeing the ground from 35,000 feet. >> no, could be a little startling. next on this tuesday, michelle obama and her daughters take in tinseltown. >> produce pesticides found on fruit even after washing them. how to get the chemicals off? >> despite my best hopes the stanley cup finals will be decided in game seven. we'll talk about boston's big win coming up. >> that was a bummer, right? drivers have told us they like a crossover
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known as liberty bell made an emergency landing in a cornfield in illinois. the flames destroyed the plane flown to indianapolis this weekend. bummer. an amazing sight. wet on i-9 afrom new england to washington, d.c. also from charleston, south carolina to central florida. flooding on i-70 from kansas city to indianapolis and on i-80 from omaha to chicago and soaks it from oklahoma to nashville. >> flying, delays are possible in kansas city, chicago, memphis, atlanta and boston. and now to the growing battle over the fruits and vegetables on our tables. >> yeah, the fight is about pesticides and what it really takes to make produce safe for us to eat. here's jim sciutto. >> reporter: are there contaminants on your produce that you can't see? when these purdue university researchers took their science lab to the produce section, they say they detected the fungicide
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on vegetables. they found preservatives on apples. they're not alone. far more comprehensive testing by the federal government, found traces of pesticides on more than 90% of samples on eight of the most popular fruits and vegetables. what's worse is that the chemicals turned up even after the produce was washed for ten seconds, in some cases even peeled which means that the chemicals were not just on the surface but inside the fruits and vegetables themselves. the advocacy group identified its so-called dirty dozen, fruits and vegetables it says contains the most vegetables. apples, celery, strawberries and peaches. the u.s. department of agriculture, which conducted the test, told abc news, quote, overall pesticide residues found on foods tested are at levels below the tolerances set by the epa ch. industry groups go further saying the environmental working
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group far overplayed the numbers saying that 99.7% of the federal government samples were within safety limits. what do you say to families who say they don't want to bring this into their house at all? >> the dangers of not eating fruits and vegetables far outweighs the risk involved of the pesticides on the products. >> reporter: on that point, the environmental working group agreed. but for the dirty dozen, it does recommend choose organic when you can. bottom line, use caution, but don't stop eating fruits and vegetables. jim sciutto, abc news, washington. >> well, first lady michele obama is heading to northern california. she met with hollywood writers, producers and directors to urge them to do more stories on military families. and after taking daughters malia and sashay to universal studios she attended a star-studded fund raiser in beverly hills. tori spelling is firing off angry tweets with the paparazzi. spelling who is pregnant said a
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photographer was chasing her and her kids when she crashed into the wall of the school. nobody there was hurt but spelling says the photographer still tried to snap pictures after until the crash until a group of mothers chased that photographer away. all right. turning to sports now, the stanley cup finals are headed to a dramatic game seven. espn news shows us why. >> cole wright with your espn news update. to boston for game six of the stanley cup times. canucks and bruins and luongo had a few choice words about thomas' plays. he says, i'll send a message and send a puck pregame. 5:30 into the first. marc rich peverley shoots and scores. lamp lit as well, bruins a 2-0 lead. a man advantage and a slapper beat luongo. don't mind if he does. bruins take a 3-0 lead, luongo
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is out. cory schneider is in. four minutes left in the first, sedin's shot stopped. the bruins win it 5-2. the final from boston. indians and yankees, derek jeter on a quest for 3,000 knocks. bottom one, no score. he singles to left field off carrasco, number 2,994. top of the fourth, still no score, man on third, nobody out as cabrera singles through the hole. brandon muscles home, 1-0, tribe. scary moment for the pinstripes. jeter, one into right field but seems to get out of the box a little gingerly. take another look. out of the box right there, limping towards first base and leaves the game and not return. check out for more. bottom nine now, last chance for the yanks, perez says gardner, indians, they win the ball game
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1-0. that's it for your espn news update. don't forget for the latest tune into the highlight express. all right. in dallas they're announcing the time plans for thursday's big party. that's when the nba championsp mavericks will be honored in a parade through the streets of the big "d." the team did arrive home yesterday led by owner mark cuban carrying the championship trophy. in miami meanwhile, a big oopsie in the papers. not quite on the scale of dewey beats tribune. they print a macy's add con grad lating the heat on winning the title. maybe next year lebron could frame that. >> or perhaps they'll ease the insult that he is suffering and being vocal about actually. coming up next should puerto rico be a state? there is renewed debate about that as the island prepares for a presidential visit. which sunscreen is right for you? that question should get easier with a big announcement today. [ male announcer ] the network --
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to welcome president obama today. he's the first president to visit the island since jfk. the trip shows the growing importance of the hispanic vote in the u.s. and follows a white house report suggesting puerto ricans should vote soon on whether they want full independence, statehood or the status quo. look for a major announcement from the fda about sun protection. just as the sunscreen season gets under way, the fda unveils its long awaited standards meant to make comparing brands easier and to help consumers choose which is best for them. today is flag day, time to take out the flag and proudly display the stars and stripes. this was adopted as the national flag day in 1977. it will be marked by a swearing in ceremony for new citizens in cities across the country. the wait is finally over for the most expensive broadway musical ever. "spider-man: turn off the dark" opens tonight. the $70 million show was revamped after a series of cast member injuries and setbacks. it also had the longest preview run in history and most accident
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well, up, up and aware. airline fees are soaring to new heights. >> last year alone passengers paid $5.7 billion in fees for baggage and reservation changes. and our ryan owens reports the industry is also cashing in on the valuables we leave behind. >> reporter: welcome to the unclaimed baggage center in tiny scottsborough, alabama, it's someplace special, all right. how much stuff is in here? >> we think we have a million items that pass through every year. >> reporter: brenda cantrell is the spokesperson. >> the shoes i have on, the dress i have on, even the wedding band. >> reporter: you're a walking sample of the store. a wedding band? it is astounding what you find here. >> we get in diamonds and pearls. >> reporter: so you even got ipads already. >> we do. >> reporter: this is the only store of its kind in the u.s. its owners have an exclusive contract with the airlines. if a bag is unclaimed for 90
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days, it's legal to sell whatever is inside. clothes are a big seller. and what goes under them sells surprisingly well too. they promise it's all been cleaned items here are 20% to 80% off suggested retail. this all started 40 years ago when a couple bought some suitcases left on a bus and sold them out of their home. today their store is as big as a walmart. evidence of our digital addiction is he everywhere. that laptop is here. same goes for that camera you got for your birthday. the truth is, the selection here has gotten a little slimmer lately since airlines started charging for checked bags, more people are carrying on and less luggage is being lost. but if you do check your beloved bag and never see it again, at least now you know it wasn't really lost, it just landed in a new home.


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